Hi, I'm Michael

Some people call me Mike. But since my mother called me Michael, that's my preference. I'm a husband, father and grandfather. And since 1957, I have called Virginia Beach, VA home. Hating cold weather like I do, I wish I lived closer to the equator, but VA is much better than New England.

In 2013, I retired from a long career in architecture, but photography has been a passion of mine throughout that time. So now, I have the time to pursue what I love.

Naturally, I am drawn to architectural photography. I can be caught walking through an area and lifting my camera to capture architectural details. But as much as I love that genre of photography, it isn't where my passions lie. Without being conscious of my love for it, I have for many years taken photos of people in order to document them at events or in everyday situations. Capturing memories and moments in time !!!

I am the second oldest in a family of seven children, and love the dynamics that occur in everyday family life. One area of photography I hope to do more of is documentary style family shoots; where I can spend a day or at least several hours photographically documenting parents and children doing everyday stuff.

I have to say, my preference is to photograph people with candid expressions and interactions with others and the world around them. That can be at a home, park, zoo, party, wedding and gatherings of all kinds.

‚ÄčThat's a little about me. I'd love to discuss you and your love of photography.